Introducing The Shower Shield!

Have a shower and never have to worry about your make up again!

Putting your makeup on takes a lot to work, and trying to have a late shower when you’re make up is done isn’t easy.  How do you keep the water, mist and steam from messing up your make-up?

The Showrshield is a genius product that protects your face from water while you’re in the shower.

The shield is a game changer for anyone who has had eyelash extensions, micro-blading, or facial surgery.  All of these things don’t allow you to wash your face right away.

Also if you’re washing your hair, you no longer have to worry about shampoo going into your eyes.  It’s essentially a visor for your face, attaching with a velcro band you loop around your head.

Get yours!


Full House had a similar idea with their Face Guard 2001!