Introducing The Super Mattress!

The perfect sleeping solution if you don't like to sleep with people but must.

It’s made by Ace Mattresses and its 12-foot-wide and is perfect for co-sleeping. The Super Mattress is designed for an entire family to sleep in.

If you’re not into kids in your bed, it’s still perfect for you and your partner; you wouldn’t even know that they are sleeping right next to you!

If you have many pets, this bed is perfect for you and all your furry friends.

Just to give you a sense of how big this bed is. A king-size mattress is 76” wide whereas this Super mattress is 144” wide and 80” long.


It’s super expensive also, the mattress starts at $2750. Add in the boxspring, sheets that fit this Super bed, you’re looking at about $4,054!

This does not include a duvet!

Sleep well!