Is It Cheating If You Kiss Someone Under The Mistletoe?

Mistletoe is almost a binding legal contract!

If someone holds a mistletoe over your head and you don’t kiss them, you’ll most certainly go to Christmas jail.


A new survey asked people if, “passionately kissing a person other than your romantic partner on the lips under the mistletoe” is CHEATING.

And overall, 47% of people say they WOULD consider it cheating, 38% said they WOULDN’T consider it cheating, and 15% aren’t sure.

Women were more forgiving of mistletoe kisses, 41% say it’s not cheating, compared to  34% of men.  Older people are also MUCH cooler with their significant other kissing people under the mistletoe than younger people.   50% of people over 55 say it’s not cheating, as do 42% of people over 45.  

But only a quarter of people between 25 and 44 think it’s not cheating, along with only 15% of people 18 to 24.