Is It Pollen Or The Pandemic?

Here’s how to spot the difference!

This can be a brutal time for those who suffer from allergies…Sniffling, eyes watering, scratchy throat- it’s terrible! 

While some symptoms are similar, there are differences between pollen and the pandemic!   Here’s the breakdown from The Public Health Agency of Canada…

Most common symptoms of Coronavirus are fever, cough and difficulty breathing. 

But there are other things to watch for including sore throat, tiredness, headache, chills, aches and pains and in some cases- decreased sense of smell.


Fever is not usually associated with allergies.  


Itchiness: If your eyes, nose or throat are feeling itchy, especially after you’ve been outside, chances are you’re experiencing seasonal allergies.


Nasal congestion: Common among seasonal allergy sufferers, nasal congestion is not a typical symptom of COVID-19, even among those who report decreased sense of smell.


Sneezing: Another common seasonal allergy symptom, sneezing is generally not associated with the coronavirus.