Puppy or Bagel? Chihuahua or Muffin? Shiba or Marshmallow?

Karen Zack is Now Internet Famous with Her Comparisons of Dog Breeds to Foods

They say people often look like their pets, but you might be surprised by the striking similarities between your favourite animal breeds and snacks! Karen Zack became an overnight internet sensation since posting these hilarious comparisons. Can you tell them apart?

Check out her website here.

puppy or bagel by karen zack



chihuahua or muffin by karen zack



labradoodle or fried chicken by karen zack



shiba or marshmallow by karen zack



sheepdog or mop by karen zack



parrot or guacamole by karen zack



shrew or kiwi by karen zack



duckling or plantain 2 by karen zack