Is This The New “Dress”?

What colour is this shoe?

This image is being passed around on social media right now. It’s like 2015’s The Dress!

So, what colours do you see?


Here’s the thing: most people will see grey and teal, but there are some who see pink and white.

The shoe actually is pink and white but the colours were obscured because the photo was taken in the dark with a flash.

So, why do some people see the original colours right away?

Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist at the National Eye Institute in the US,  tells The Guardian,  “Basically, your visual system is constantly trying to colour-correct the images projected on the retina, to remove the colour contamination introduced by the spectral bias in the light source.”  (Emphasis mine)

If you look at the image long enough, you might notice that you start seeing the shoe as pink and white. That’s because, according to Conway, “after a while, your visual system adapts to the turquoise across the whole of that image and interprets it as part of the light source, eventually discounting it and restoring the shoe to the original pink version – or, at least, pinker.”


This twitter user appears to be the original poster of the photo. Here’s her reveal: