Is Your Yellow Lawn Too Far Gone?

The Recent Dry Spell Has Given Grass A Real Crunch

Taking a walk along Barrie’s waterfront lately, you may notice a lot of yellow. The grass there and across most of the region is like hay; dry, brittle and yellow.

Makes you wonder if the green will ever come back to that grass, or is the lawn too far gone?

Steve Saunders is a grass man; he runs Redline Seasonal Solutions and says even his grass is yellow. But he’s not concerned. “when you see a yellow lawn like that, it’s not dead, it’s gone dormant.” He says it isn’t keeping up with environmental stresses and has “gone to sleep” instead of dying outright.

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As far as fixing it, Saunders says while watering it will help, “in most cases when a grass has gone dormant, its almost best just to leave it that way. Mother Nature’s rain will probably maintain it enough.”

Saunders says he could spend a lot of money trying to stay on top of it, but at the end of the day, leave it dormant, and “live with a yellow lawn.”

If you do feel the need to water your lawn, Saunders says doing it once or twice a week in the morning is all that is required.