It appears that strip clubs for stag parties are becoming a thing of the past!

Oh, so that's what happen to Misty's on Big Bay Point!

Men aren’t big fans of traditional stag parties, says new research- Millennials are messing everything up!

Millennials have already killed off boobs and marmalade, deeming them both things that bare no interest anymore, and now, it looks like they’ve ruined the good old stag party…

According to new research, the traditional stag party is DEAD. And it’s all at the hands of millennials.

reports that there’s been a surge in popularity of more experience-based stag parties, rather than nights of debauchery and pints.
Men are increasingly likely to go for baking classes, wrestling schools, and zombie bootcamps, while Britain’s biggest stag party organisers report that the popularity of strip club themed packages has decreased dramatically.

The research reports that many stags would rather get active and create memories, rather than downing enough shots to forget the whole night. Nice.

Now we know why Misty’s shut down….