It’s A Beach Lounge Chair With A Face Hole- Brilliant!

It's Amazon Prime Day...

If you love to read and tan at the same time, you may want to order this amazing product!  It’s a beach lounge chair with a face hole- Brilliant!

Reading on the beach is one of life’s little pleasures and sometimes awkward and annoying trying to navigate a comfortable position to read in- and then there’s the glare from the sun.

The Ostrich Lounge Chaise is equipped with a cushioned hole for your face – reminiscent of a massage table – and you can put your arms through.

You can get this amazing chair on Amazon Canada for $60!

You don’t even have to be a book lover to choose this ingenious design.  Instead, you can just have a more comfortable nap, rather than waking up with a sandy, sweat-stained face that was squished into your towel.