It’s Cyber Monday! Shop Safely

Some survival tips

From black Friday we swing into Cyber Monday…another crazy day for shopping for bargains – online this time. Good for you, and might be good for cybercriminals, too. Security firms say Cyber Monday is like Christma- come-early for online thieves. Forty per cent of online fraud happens in the last three months of the year when many shoppers put their guard down to get a deal – not to mention the number of credit numbers floating around in cyberspace, and overused passwords for Facebook, bank and work accounts. Tech experts say the best way to protect yourself is to visit established retail websites only, and always type their web address into your browser yourself; never link to it from an email for Facebook post. UIt wouldn’t, either, to monitor your credit card statement after you make a purchase. Criminals who have scammed your personal info will often use it right away to make a small purchase to test it out; to make sure it’s valid.