It’s Earth Day!

Little changes can make a big difference!

Earth Day is one of the single biggest days of action for the conservation movement. Established in 1970, it’s a global event celebrated annually on April 22nd to raise awareness and promote environmental protection.

Earth day is a reminder of the urgent need to address the impact of human activities on our planet. And it’s an opportunity to take action to preserve our natural resources. While the magnitude of environmental issues can sometimes feel overwhelming, there are lots of simple ways we can all make a difference in our daily lives.

But before we get into those, let’s talk about Earth Day 2023 …

Earth Day 2023

This year, Earth Day falls on a Saturday. That means families that are usually busy with school and work can spend the day together caring for the planet.

In recognition of the day, Barrie will be hosting Spring into Clean. The event will take place from Friday, April 21 to Sunday, April 23. Students, businesses, and residents are all encouraged to take part by cleaning up nearby outdoor spaces in Barrie and the surrounding areas.

The theme for 2023 is “Invest In Our Planet“. It puts an emphasis on the importance of dedicating resources to bettering the environment. Not just financial resources but time and energy as well.

Here are some ways that you can invest in our planet, without having to spend any money:

Easy Ways To Make A Difference

There are many things we can do throughout the year to help better the world around us. Here are just a few …

  • Recycle your newspaper and weekly flyer package: If you do this every week, you’ll keep four trees alive per year and increase the earth’s oxygen.
  • Recycle a six-pack of cans every week: This will save enough energy to power a television for 936 hours.
  • Reduce your daily shower by 5 minutes: Just 5 minutes a day can save up to 9,000 gallons of water.
  • Use your blinds to conserve energy: Windows and doors can be major causes of heat loss, with faulty windows adding 10-25% to your heating bill, increasing cost and energy consumption. Open blinds during the day to let the sun in. At dusk, close them to trap heat.
  • Opt for double-sided: Configure your office printer or copy machine so it prints on both sides of the page.
  • Pay bills online or set up automatic check paying from your bank account: This will help reduce energy consumption associated with printing and delivering statements.
  • Participate in advocacy: Send a letter to elected officials advocating for greener practices.
  • Choose sustainable fashion: Learn about the harmful impact of fast fashion and commit to dressing responsibly.
  • Keep a trash bag in your car: This will reduce the amount of garbage that accidentally blows out open windows or falls out when the door is open.
  • Think reusable: Whenever possible, try to use reusable products like cups, straws, cutlery, and shopping bags.
  • Use an ashtray: Cigarette butts are the single most littered item. Using an ashtray and properly disposing of butts will help reduce the 2 billion pounds of butts tossed each year.

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is an important event that reminds us of our responsibility to care for our planet and gives us an opportunity to take action, no matter how small.

As we celebrate Earth Day 2023, let’s commit to investing in our planet and protecting it for future generations.