You do you!

As if we needed an excuse! Today we can all unplug, tune out, and do nothing. Yes, nada, zip, zilch. You’re a slacker and that’s OK.


Here are the laziest things ever!


When you record you clap so you don’t actually have to “clap on, clap off” your lights!

When you heat something in the microwave but always set the timer to 1:11 to 2:22 because you’re too lazy to move your finger to the 0.


When you run out of clean bowls for cereal, so you line the bowl with foil.

When you buy or download a movie because you’re too lazy to go upstairs and get the DVD.


When you have a little too much to drink and decide the bathroom is too far so you use your cat’s litter box because it’s closer.


When you’re too lazy to turn off your light once you’re in bed, so you try and throw things at the switch to turn it off.  You fail and sleep with the lights on.


When you watch two hours of antique roadshow because you drop the remote and don’t want to pick it up!


When you download your TV remote’s app because you don’t want to get up and pick it up.


When you call the restaurant to send the waiter back to your table.


When you’re eating in bed, spill something, and have no napkins.  Instead of getting up out of bed to get one, you take off your socks and use those.