It’s National Stay At Home Day And Not Go To Work

Do you suffer from FOMO- or fear of missing out?

On the weekend, we are expected to jam in tons of activities, socializing and other things we can’t do during the week… But, wouldn’t you rather just stay home and chill?

Spending the day at home, doing what you want when you want…It’s not often that we allow ourselves these cosy little “Me Days” which is incredibly beneficial to one’s mental health…

With that being said, its national stay home because you’re well day happens on November 30th…It’s an unofficial holiday which encourages people to refresh themselves outside of their hectic daily routine!

‘Stay Home Because You’re Well Day’ was dreamt up by Thomas and Ruth Roy, who created the holiday under the name of Wellcat Holidays and Herbs.

Check your social and hashtag #StayHomeBecauseYourWellDay

You do you!