“It’s So Hot” One Liners, To Help You Get Through Your Day!

Stay cool!

Another day of extreme heat, but there is relief coming. Just hold on for one more day! (Wilson Philips) Until then, enjoy a few one-liners!

It’s so Hot

…I saw a fire hydrant chasing down a dog!
…I went outside for a smoke and the cigarette lit itself!
..I’m sweating like a politician on election day!
…all the bread in the store is toast!
… the cows are giving evaporated milk!
…your car overheats before you drive it!
… you got condensation on your butt from the hot water in the toilet bowl!
…Lance Armstrong tested positive for water!
…my Reese’s peanut butter cups turned into Reese’s peanut butter shooters…I drank ’em anyway!
…All the water buffalos at the zoo evaporated
…My Thermometer went up to “Are you kidding me”
…A saw two trees fighting over a dog
…A chicken lay a fried egg