Jaden Smith took to twitter with outrage, insisting his pancakes had been “Spiked”

I said, NO Cheese Please!

Jaden Smith, Son of Will Smith had been staying at the Four Seasons in Toronto while shooting a new movie in the city, but it appears he had been forced to find a new swanky place to stay after an incident involving cheese on Saturday!


Jaden Smith took to twitter with outrage, insisting her pancakes had been “Spiked” with Cheese….
“The Four Seasons In Toronto Just Made Me Want to Throw Up On MySelf (sic),” he wrote in his first message, before continuing, “I Hope The Four Seasons In Toronto Puts Me On The No Stay List.”


The 18-year-old then fired off two more tweets detailing how his hotel visit had turned sour.


“The Four Seasons In Toronto Spiked My Pancakes With Cheese, I’m Surprised I’m Still Alive,” he told his 6.3 million fans, “After They Kicked Me Out Of My Room.”


It’s not clear whether Smith has an allergy or intolerance to dairy products, but in 2016, he discussed his interest in following a vegan diet.