James Bond Film ‘No Time to Die’ Release Date Postponed by 7 Months

The upcoming "James Bond" film will not hit theatres in April as previously announced.

“No Time to Die” is being moved from its release dates of April 2 (internationally) and April 10 (U.S) to November 25, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.


This was part of a statement made by Universal studios…While the delay coincides with growing concerns over the coronavirus outbreak that’s spreading globally and shuttering productions and projects everywhere, Deadline reports it is, “purely an economic decision we understand, and not one based on growing fears over the coronavirus.”




However, MGM was closely monitoring the situation with theaters closing across Korea, Japan, Italy, and France.  Their decision also comes following a massive petition from fans calling for the film to postpone its release date.


Many fans supported the decision and pointed out that it’s fitting since November is known as “Bond month.” Many of the franchise’s films, starting with 1995’s “Goldeneye”, have debuted towards the end of the year.