James Cameron Sued by Man Claiming to be Inspiration Behind Titanic Character

He Wants $300 Million And 1% Of Royalties

James Cameron is allegedly being sued by a man who claims Cameron stole his life story to create the lead character in his movie “Titanic”.

Stephen Cummings says inspiration for the role of Jack Dawson was taken from his real life accounts of being a yacht master in Florida. According to the Daily Mail, court documents show the man believes Cameron got the idea from a conversation he heard back in 1988 of Cummings telling a story to friends.

Not only that, this guy claims James Cameron’s story of the sinking of the Titanic is not based on history, but on a story he told friends about two of his relatives who were on the ship. In this story, the wife survives and the husband dies (similar to the fate of Rose and Jack at the end of the movie).

He’s asking for $300 million and 1% in royalties.