James Holzhauer’s Jeopardy Streak Ended Last Night

He was on a 32-game win streak...

In case you don’t know the name, James Holzhauer this will bring you up to speed.

During this incredible 2 month winning streak, Jeopardy has enjoyed a spike in TV Ratings that the show hasn’t had in more than 10 years.

My wife and I were watching and my 6 year-old is now into the show! I was racing home from work to see Jeopardy air at 7:30pm. It wasn’t on demand, a digital stream or something anybody could see on Netflix, it was appointment viewing and today that’s rare.

Jeopardy record holder, Ken Jennings clearly enjoyed watching it all unfold. His record winnings of $2.52 million during 74 games in 2004 still stands tall today.

Last night James Holzhauer’s streak was ended by, Emma Boettcher. A 27 year old Librarian at University of Chicago. She was completely unaware the contestant she would face had already won 32 games, amassed $2.46 million in winnings and was on the verge of breaking a historic Jeopardy record.