Jamie Foxx is a real life Hero!

Jamie Foxx has played plenty of heroes on the big screen. Monday night he played […]

Jamie Foxx has played plenty of heroes on the big screen. Monday night he played one in real life. The Oscar winner helped rescue a man whose pickup truck crashed and caught fire in front of Foxx’s home. The man was driving at a very high rate of speed when the crash happened… The man is ok and now under arrest and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. The accident is under investigation by the California Highway Patrol’s Moorpark Area Office.


Tori Spelling has been slapped with legal action from American Express bosses over an unpaid credit card bill. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star, 42, reportedly racked up debts of almost $38,000 on her card, but she has allegedly failed to make any payments since last summer. The mother-of-four, daughter of late TV producer and multi-millionaire Aaron Spelling, has yet to respond to the report.

Whoopi Goldberg has urged those upset about the lack of diversity among the 2016 Oscar nominees not to boycott the Academy Awards ceremony, because it’s disrespectful to host Chris Rock. Whoopi claims the issue does not simply lie with voters, as there is a general lack of financing for the production of films made by, and starring, talents of other ethnicities. Addressing the topic on her U.S. talk show The View on Tuesday, the Oscar winner and Academy member also explained her belief that a boycott is not the way to tackle what she insists is a much wider problem in the movie industry.

The drama didn’t end there, however. During Tuesday’s episode, cohost Candace Cameron Bure walked off set following Goldberg’s rant and during a commercial break. Goldberg told the audience that her absence had nothing to do with the subject at hand and that the Fuller House star was actually sick. “I left the show today b/c I didn’t feel well, not because of the discussion,” Cameron Bure later tweeted. “Saw the Doctor- low blood sugar & tested positive for flu.”


Steve Harvey has finally gotten his chance to formally apologize to Miss Colombia, several weeks after he incorrectly announced her winner of the Miss Universe pageant…


She is a Grammy winning singer-songwriter, an Oscar nominated actress, business woman, mega philanthropist, wife of 50 years to Carl Dean, Godmother to Miley Cyrus. Dolly Parton Turned 70 years young!

and speaking of Miley…After Miley Cyrus spent the holidays with ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth in Australia, she’s been seen wearing the engagement ring he gave her again! Plus reports now suggest that the couple have moved back in together….




The trailer for Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (above) is finally here! Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne have a new set of neighbors to battle, and this time Zac Efron’s on their side! Selena Gomez returns to the big screen in the film to play the president of a soriority… Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising hit theatres on May 20th.