Jennifer Aniston Extinguishes Trash-Can Fire While Presenting at 2020 Emmys

This year’s Emmy's were on fire, literally!

Jennifer Aniston put out a fire in a trash can while presenting at the 2020 Emmy Awards on Sunday.


Aniston joined Jimmy Kimmel to present the award for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series early on in the ceremony.


But before revealing the winner, Aniston and Kimmel put on a comedy bit of their own, dousing the category’s envelope in hand sanitizer before lighting it on fire as a safety step in preventing the spread of coronavirus.


The “Friends” star pulled out a fire extinguisher and aimed at the flaming envelope in a trash can.


She put the fire out once, before extinguishing two more times when it relit after Kimmel picked it up out of the bin using tongs.


“Jimmy Kimmel Live” posted the moment on their official Twitter account.