Jennifer Lopez And “Golden Girls” Meme Shows How 50 Has Changed

50 is definitely the new 30!

J-Lo has wowed us over the past year with being fabulous at 50 and she did not disappoint at the Super Bowl!

She sang, she danced and she showed off her incredibly toned body as she swung around on a stripper pole.

Having said that, the internet is having trouble believe that Lopez is just one year younger than Rue McClanahan was when she began playing Blanche Devereaux on “The Golden Girls,” which premiered in 1985.

Social media memes began circulating after the Super Bowl – showing just how much 50 has changed over the past 30 + years.

The meme depicts McClanahan as Blanche on the left with the words “50 years old in 1985” written above her. On the right: Super fit Lopez is seen with her legs wrapped around the stripper pole from her halftime routine. “50 years old in 2020” it says above her image.

J-Lo at 50 and Shakira at 43 is a reminder that woman can be strong and sexy at any age.

Have women at 50-years-old really changed?  Perhaps their style, but their attitudes have not.