‘Jeopardy!’ Champs Say Host Alex Trebek is ‘Irreplaceable’

This could be one of his last shows...

It’s a big night for Jeopardy as tonight (Tuesday) is the “Greatest of all Times” episode where the likes of Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter will go head to head!

Alex recently mentioned that he may not be hosting Jeopardy much longer, however; show champs and others alike insist that Alex would be irreplaceable.

Trebek was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer.  Though he doesn’t have any desire to hang up his hosting duties yet…  The 79-year-old television host also revealed that he practiced how he’d wrap up his tenured run when the day finally came.

In an ABC interview with Michael Strahan, Trebek said he will request the director to leave him 30 seconds at the end of the show.

When the multi-night tournament was announced, Trebek told USA Today.

The tournament will air two back-to-back games weeknights at 8 EST/PST starting Jan. 7, marking the first prime time airing of the original “Jeopardy!” in 30 years.