Jeopardy! Contestant on a Record Breaking Pace

James Holzhauer has won 27 games-in-a-row...

Grandparents everywhere know the name, James Holzhauer. He’s been the star of your Grandparents favourite show, Jeopardy! having won 27 straight games, (as of May 24th.)

Heading into the weekend James had earned $2,065,535. Only Ken Jennings has earned more with a total of $2,520,700, through 74 winning games in 2004.

James Holzhauer is currently blazing a historic Jeopardy! path, winning an avg. amount of $76,500 per episode which is uncharted territory. He is on pace to earn more than $5,000,000 if he plays as many games as Ken Jennings did.

Jeopardy! TV ratings recently were the highest they’ve been in 14 years, even surpassing Judge Judy for top spot.