Jerry O’Connell Gives ‘Stand By Me” Poster A Makeover!

"Things Just Got Real"

It was 1986 when Jerry O’Connell made his big screen debut in the classic ‘Stand By Me.”  And Jerry decided to share a doctored image of the movie’s poster showing the cast wearing protective gear over their faces.


The film’s title has also been changed to highlight social distancing by having it read “Don’t Stand by Me.”  O’Connell tweeted the photo with the caption, “Things just got real!” Fans appear to like Jerry’s humour with comments that include:

“Thanks for the laughter!!! Remember laughs are the best medicine!”  “So wrong…yet so right,” added another.

The movie was directed by Rob Reiner, and “Stand By Me” was released in August 1986, earning over $52 million at the box office.