Johnny Depp is Given His Lines Through an Earpiece so he Doesn’t Have to Memorize his Lines

He allegedly paid hundreds of dollars for a sound engineer

Johnny Depp allegedly uses a sound engineer to give him his lines through an earpiece while on set so he doesn’t have to learn his lines.

This is all part of a bitter legal battle between Johnny Depp and his former managers Joel and Robert Mandel of The Management Group (TMG) who Depp fired back in March. He is also suing them for fraud claiming they mismanaged his finances, and took out loans without his approval. Since then, both sides have been trying to pass blame for Johnny Depp’s outrageous spending habits. The latest legal documents claim that he paid ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ to employ a sound engineer to feed him his lines while on set.

Other claims of misspending include $3 million to blast Hunger S Thompson’s ashes out of a specially made cannon, $18 million on a 150-foot yacht, $4 million on a failed record label, $30,000 per month on wine and $300,000 a month to maintain a staff of 40 people.

(cover photo via Celebrityabc flickr)