Jude Law Said ‘Contagion’ Consultants Warned Him Real-Life Pandemic Was ‘Matter of When, Not If’

The movie was truly ahead of its time!

It was 2011 when the film “Contagion” came out with an all-star cast.   The film was about a pandemic.


Jude Law starred in the film and recently spoke out about it during a virtual interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”


He commented on how the film’s plot paralleled present-day events and even recalled on-set consultants warning him that a pandemic would one day be a reality.


“On that film were the doctors and virologists advising us, extraordinary men, and they were all saying to us this is a matter of when not if,” Law said.


He also found it strange that people were streaming the film amid the pandemic. The film saw a drastic rise in popularity in the weeks after COVID-19 intensified in America.

“I found it a little odd that everyone went back to watch that in the middle of the real thing,” Law said. “You just turn on the news, you don’t need to watch it.”