Justice League Didn’t Dominate The Box Office As Producers Had Hoped

It was worth the watch to see Aqua Man with no Shirt on!

Justice League opened this weekend in Theatres and didn’t do as well as projected. The big budget superhero flick brought in $96 million. Producers were hoping for $110 million during the first week of release. Justin League didn’t impress critics, but neither did Batman vs Superman or Suicide Squad and both managed to earn well over $100 million. The production budget for Justice League is said to be around $250-$300 million, and that doesn’t include marketing.

Charlie’s thoughts on Justin League: There were a lot of bum shots-

“Wonder,” an adaptation of R.J. Palacio’s novel about a child with a facial deformity, did really well. The feel-good family movie came in second earning $27.1 million against its $20 million budget. The movie stars Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay.