Justin Bieber Gets Very Canadian With a Minor League Hockey Team in B.C.

JB decided to play a little hockey with a Midget Hockey team!

Justin Bieber was in Whistler B.C. last week and decided to surprise a minor league hockey team when he dropped in on their practice.

Rob Palm is a dad of one of the players on Whistler’s Midget A1 Winterhawks and said the day went very smoothly… In his Facebook post, Palm praised the coaches for managing to keep The Biebs’ visit under wraps, simply telling the young players that “some new guy” would be stopping by to try out for the team.

According to Whistler’s Pique newspaper, Bieber played two periods with the Winterhawks and managed to score a couple of goals during a scrimmage. Bieber stuck around after practice to chat with the team and even took pictures of the boys.