Justin Bieber hit a man with his car last night!

Man and truck will both be ok

Last night, Justin Bieber was involved in a car collision in Beverly Hills.   Justin was leaving a Hillsong church services when a photographer tried to snap a few pics of the superstar… According to witnesses, Biebs hit the paparazzi with his car…

Justin immediately stopped his truck and climbed out of the cab, walking around the front to find the snapper lying on the ground beside it.

He asked the photographer if he was OK or if he was injured.

The man was clutching his leg and crying out in pain, although the extent of his injuries were not immediately apparent.

His camera equipment and baseball cap lay scattered on the ground beside him, while one shoe had partially come off.

The photographer told Justin that he was fine and joked with the singer that something was bound to happen at some point.

In a statement, the Beverly Hills Police Department say, “The driver of the vehicle stayed and spoke to the officers and they conducted the investigation.  The driver has since left.”  However, the BHPD did not go into detail on the driver (Justin) or the extent of the photographer’s injuries.