Justin Bieber Tells Fans That He’s Been Sick

JB is finally giving fans the real reason behind his struggles over the past two years with depression; lyme disease.

We’ll learn more about his struggles in his up coming docu-series that premiers on YouTube later this month.  In the series, Justin reveals his experiences with various health ailments and how he was treated with a slew of medications for months prior to being diagnosed with lyme disease in late 2019.

Back in 2018, fans were shocked to see photos of Justin crying in his car in New York and again in Orlando.  Soon after the photos leaked, Justin revealed that he was struggling with his Mental health issues.  In August, he took to Instagram to share tips about overcoming anxiety attacks.

Lyme disease appears to be the reason for all of this…

Lyme disease is contracted through a tick bite. Symptoms include rashes, headaches, fever and fatigue. Most people with the condition recover completely with appropriate antibiotic treatment.

New single, new album, new docu-series and tour… Things are looking promising for 2020!