K9 Cinemas Is Now A Thing! That’s Right, Bring Your Pooch To The Movies With You!

There’s a movie theatre that allows you to bring your dog and has bottomless wine!

If you have a fur baby, odds are that you would like to bring them everywhere with you.  There’s now a movie theatre that not only allows you to bring the dog, but they also cater to your four-legged friend!


K9 Cinemas in Plano, Texas lets one human bring two dogs (max) in at all their screenings. And if that doesn’t get your tail wagging, this might.  The Cinema also offers humans bottomless wine our four shots of whiskey!

The theatre offers “Karaoke Margarita Night” and “Trivia nights” also. The theatre also offers up snacks for both humans and their dogs! Prices are as such:  $15 for people, $10 for kids and $5 for dogs!

The theatres feature comfy couches for you and your dog and there is also a large concrete area up front in case your pooch wants to mingle and sniff butts for a while during the movie!