Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, and Hopefully A Conversation On Mental Health.

Real friends? How Many of Us? How Many Jealous?


Kanye West’s slow downward spiral over the past four years has been really tough to watch.

It’s like a car accident, you don’t want to see it happen but you can’t help not to look at the aftermath as you pass by.

Disclaimer: I have loved Kanye, but I no longer do.

Regardless of how you feel about the man, you cannot deny his talent in both music and fashion. He’s a self made man.

What’s disappointing and ultimately heartbreaking to see is his mental decline.  All of this came after being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder back in 2018.

He’s talked about it a lot, but really hasn’t taken the steps to help improve his life.

Nonetheless with the headlines that have swirled around over the past few days with his presidential campaign, his “speech” in North Carolina, and the tweet spree he went on just last night have shown this downward spiral. It’s hard to watch, like a car accident.

It’s sad to see someone who I cared about struggle with mental health.

This isn’t the point of what and WHY I’m writing this. I’m not here to shame folks who pointed fun at his actions and antics, it’s easy to do that.

What I am here to say is we should look at the actions of Dave Chappelle.

Seriously, he flew out LAST NIGHT to Wyoming to check on Ye.

That’s friendship at the PENULTIMATE level.

Ye thanked him on Twitter with this weird video:


THIS is what we should be talking about. A downward spiral of a celeb is never a good thing, we all hope the best for those who struggle.

It depends on the celebrity, is what I have found.

Dave even talked about it back in the early 2000’s about Hollywood and how it affects and chews people out:


I hope that from all of this chicanery that we can learn kindness.

Instead of folks jumping at the gut to jump on someone’s mental health becoming a punchline, we find the the help they need.

Let us celebrate good friendship, kind connections, and being present for our love ones.

I hope at least.