Katie Fit-Bit: Let’s Not Be S.A.D

Let's kick S.A.D in the butt!

My very first serious boyfriend suffered form Seasonal Affective Disorder, something that probably affects most of us we just don’t register it. The Mayo Clinic says that SAD is “a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons”.

This makes sense… there’s less sunshine…more snowfall/storms…. less physical activity… so you lounge, eat junk food and feel the affects of that.

So I wanted to come up with some ways to boost that energy while making use of the Winter Solstice this year! The SHORTEST day of the year is December 21 — it’s a Friday this year. What types of things can you do to help alleviate these feelings of SAD?

*I’m not a doctor, I’m just a human…so talk to a professional before making any major life changes*


Limit the amount of junk food you (tough during the holidays… I know)

Reignite that kid in you! Go tobogganing, build a snowman… or get some fresh snow and make home made sno-cones!

Make plans with friends… and don’t cancel them! Seeing people you like might actually be nice!

So go forth, and let’s not be SAD… harder to do than to say for some, but even making the effort can be helpful!

Share your winter fitness struggles and especially the WINS with me! You could be featured on my blog and on the air!

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