Katie’s Fit-Bit: Burning Those Winter Calories, But In A Fun Way

Thinking about it less helps, here are some ideas to get you started!

So the other day I was driving past the gym and the parking lot was packed! Meanwhile, I’m in my car with a pita on the passenger seat and I’m stuffing my face with fresh meringues — I see the irony here.

Like many, you’ve probably got some goals of fitness/weight-loss and healthy eating in your new year’s resolutions. I can’t stand going to the gym, I want to be tricked into my fitness and I figured I’m not the only one who feels like this so I wanted to give you some great ideas of what you can do to reach those goals without dragging yourself somewhere you don’t want to go.

Hit up Youtube. There are TONS of Youtubers who offer short bursts of fitness. My personal favourite is Cassie Ho with her Blogilates channel. She’s peppy and also realistic in different levels of fitness for her viewers.

What about skating? This is definitely a lower body, low impact, slight cardio thing you could do. And it’s outside! Check out what our local skating landscape is these days HERE.

Have you thought about Pole Fitness? It’s pole dancing… but you pay to do it… and it’s AWESOME. I’ve done it on and off over the past 5 years, I am even in the process of installing a pole in my basement so I can do it at home. It takes so much strength to just hold yourself on the pole… but it’s so much fun. And you definitely see the result in a a few weeks of classes. Love. It.