Katie’s Fit-Bit: Week 3

Week 3; still sweating. It could be worse.

Is it only week three!? It seems like it’s been at least six weeks since I started this whole thing.

Well, I picked the hottest and most humid day to try a new workout this week but I did it!

Something pretty cool happened too… Fitbit contacted me and asked if I had a fitness tracker to which my response was “just myself and I’m not even that good”. True story. So they kindly sent me one to use during this challenge/torture/experiment! AMAZING! I’m feeling #Blessed for all this good karma.

Just me and my new FitBit Alta gold series fitness tracker. NBD.


Let’s talk struggles though…

When trying to eat better and be fit/active/exercise-y, sometimes you’ll feel guilty when you don’t do those things or eat the “forbidden foods” you’ve assigned yourself. Honestly, I don’t have time for that. It was my son’s 3rd birthday party over the weekend — I had cake, fries and some cheesecake. Did I eat them all at once, no but I thought about it A LOT.

Instead I had a small portion of all of those things through out the weekend. And when it came time to my workout on Monday, I hustled. If I couldn’t do the move then I did the best version of it at the time.

Isn’t that the point? To do your best and what your current abilities allow until you DO get better? Wow… this is getting a bit much in the feelings department.

On to week 4!