Katie’s Fit-Bit: Let’s Move It Move It!

We All Need A Bit Of Motivation

Ok, it’s pep talk time! What keeps you motivated to stay to your goals? Is it rewards, scheduling, or group activities? What gets you to the finish line?

I found a few good tips that make me feel motivated and are actually good ideas for my lifestyle, so I wanted to share them with you.

  • Only shower on workout days. Sounds gross… but really how many of us just sit at our desks and stare at a computer all day.. there’s not really a NEED to shower everyday if you’re not working up some sort of sweat.
  • Remember why you made these goals in the first place. Was it for better health, or losing weight… what made you want to start all of this on day one? Use that to keep you going!
  • Sounds cheesy, but write down how you feel after your workout. Yes you’ll feel tired, sweaty and hot… but do you feel STRONG, is there a sense of accomplishment.. whatever it is write it down.

Here are some more motivational things that will help you make it to the finish line! Runtastic has some great ones.. and of course there’s a Buzzfeed list too!