Katie’s Fit-Bit: Personal Update

Let's do this, tomorrow! --> Every Procrastinator Ever.

Ok, here’s the deal. I’m sucking at this, like really bad.

I thought I’d have more “gung-ho” after Christmas and New Years celebrations, however that doesn’t seem to be the case. The other day an atrocious evil laugh escaped my lips as I drove past a gym because the parking lot was full… all the while I was eating a fresh meringue I just bought.

I’ve concluded that I’ve found several ways to procrastinate: the weather was bad that day (like I was even going to go outside!), or our family was too busy that day (unlikely), maybe it was because I finally had a day off and just wanted to chill (straight up an excuse).

So, no more excuses. You don’t like how things fit or numbers on your scale… let’s do something about it rather than moping about.

Who’s in for 25 kettle bell swings? This girl, in the Kool FM studios in track pants. Bring it 2019.