Katie’s Fit-Bit: The Office Workout

If I can do these, so can you!

So we’ve all thought the following things…

  • I could do a work out before work
  • Maybe I’ll go at lunch!
  • Oh! I’ll bring my stuff and go right after work!

For some, this totally works, for others the intent is there but the will power to actually do it can be tough. Maybe they need to start small? There are over 30 office geared exercises that you can try from The Greatist; just click here.

Have you thought about an “in office” workout? You don’t need to throw on a sweatband with your office attire… you can do some of these simple exercises instead!

Leg lifts. They are mostly incognito under your desk!


If your office has stairs, option to take those instead of the elevator. BONUS: you’ll get lots of steps in by doing this!


Feeling a little tense in the neck or shoulders? Have you tried some shoulder shrugs?


This is my version of working out at work. Remember, you get what you put in!