Katie’s Fit-Bit: WEEK 12!!

Fitness challenge complete!

In case you weren’t sure…WEEK 12!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, as if it’s already been 12 weeks of fitness…crazy! Who would’ve thought that it could go by so quickly and so slowly at times.

Two notable things I’m taking away from this:

  1. There is real guilt when you hold yourself accountable and don’t follow through.
  2. It feels good to do something that you like; lifting weights…yeah no thanks. Being tricked into fitness with something crazy/sexy/cool like Pole…YES BIG TIME.

I’m also grateful for my Fitbit Alta that Fitbit sent me to help me along. Having it remind me to “feed” it was helpful and I even did, begrudgingly on some occasions. My husband and I currently compete…but his job is to literally walk around all the time… so he usually beats me on the regular by thousands of steps But whatever man.

Here’s my last fit-bit video. Thanks y’all for your support and straight up cutting my bull sometimes.