Katie’s Fit-Bit: Week 6

Half way there!

I did it… I finally starting taking pole fitness classes again.

I love them. They are fun, tough (physically) and something for me to do out of my house and interact with other adults.

I had taken pole classes bout 4 years ago, but then I got married had a baby and didn’t have the time or the money to start up again. Boy did I miss them though. After saving up some money to do some summer classes, found ones that fit my schedule and Bob’s your uncle.

There’s a lot of stigma around them — I get it — you hear “pole classes” you think stripper pole, don’t worry my boss did too. Yeah they can be sexy, you can take specifically sexy classes but I’m in it for the fun and hidden exercise. This is a way for me to use my body and sleepy muscles in way they won’t be used in my daily life. Trying to dead lift your own weight while gripping a 45mm diameter pole is HARD and takes lots of practice but it’s FUN.

My main takeaway from my first class back is that I’m sore, it hurts to reach my arm back to do up my bra or scratch my butt… but(t) it’s going to be worth it. Booya!