Katie’s Fit-Bit: What About A Food Diary?

This Is Something That Could Actually Help

Ok, I know this might seem extreme or unnecessary but sometimes actually seeing what you eat might be an eye opener.

Food diaries aren’t designed to make you feel bad about what you eat or shame you when you do have treats, they are meant to be an eye opening experience on how you can make better choices when faced with some toughies.

I will almost 100% always cave and get fries when given the choice. That is my Achilles’ heel when it comes to junk foods, that or if I can dip/crunch it or it’s a baked good. So really any junk/treat food can derail me.. but it’s in knowing this that I try to make healthier choices. Instead of getting the bigger fries, I’ll stick to the medium and be grateful my pants still fit.

Or instead of buying 2 cheesecakes I’ll buy one and share it. But by keeping track of what’s going in my body, I can also congratulate myself when I’ve had successes or notice that I’ve moderated my junk consumption.

If you’re going to keep one you NEED TO BE HONEST. Lying in your food diary is as good as lying to yourself… and that’s not helpful. I thought BonAppetite.com‘s blog on how to start and keep a food diary was really helpful.


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