Katie’s Fit-Bit: Week 1

It's on the internet, I'm committed now.

Well, I’m doing it. I’m doing a fitness type challenge and I need your help.

Here’s the thing… I love chips, dip, fries…carbs really are my best friend but also my worst enemy.

I’m challenging myself to do something active for 12 weeks — I know that’s quite the commitment.

Something active: workout, fitness class, long hike (with hills). It’s essentially anything other than my path between the kitchen and the couch.

So for the next 12 weeks I’m going to share the struggle that many can relate to: trying to be active/fit, having a family, job commitments…so on and so on…ie a life.

TODAY WAS MY FIRST DAY! And I think it would be considered a success. I did an at home workout where it was a judgement free zone, followed by some yoga stretching.

If you’ve got any tips/tricks to stay motivated (that’s half the battle) then please feel free to SHARE them with me!