Katy Perry Is Making A Documentary About Motherhood!

Exciting news from Katy Perry!

She’s a brand new mom, but Katy has decided to give fans a behind-the-scenes look into her life as a superstar and now as a mom.


According to Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, Katy has been working on this documentary since her album Witness in 2017.  The film will capture the highs and lows leading up to motherhood.


The Star reports that after Katy saw Taylor Swift’s “Miss Americana” film on Netflix she was really impressed and is hoping to do a similar doc.


Katy’s first documentary, Katy Perry: Part Of Me was released in 2012 while she was on her California Dreams tour.  In that documentary, we saw the struggles between her and then-husband Russell Brand.


The new film will tell you a “Bigger Story.”