Keeping Gravenhurst Safe

Local retailer teams up with Nolan's Story and Gravenhurst Fire Service

A hundred homes in and around Gravenhurst are about to get safer. The local Home Hardware store with the help of Nolan’s Story charity has donated 100 carbon monoxide alarms to the Gravenhurst Fire Department for distribution. Nolan Young, 12, was on a camping trip with his family when he died in his sleep of carbon monoxide poisoning from a propane powered cooler.

“The loss of a child due to something so preventable is just tragic. It touches all of us and it is important to our family that we spread the word and raise awareness that carbon monoxide poisoning happens in different ways and any time of year. Hopefully that awareness can prevent other tragedies from happening,” said Anna Frigault, Nolan’s grandmother. “We never expected that something as innocent as a portable food cooler could be the source of carbon monoxide. Really any appliance that uses fossil fuels is capable of generating carbon monoxide, and we want people to know just how dangerous this is,” she added.

“It’s so important that we all protect our families by having one or more CO alarms in our homes. Not only is it Provincial law, it just makes plain common sense,” said Fire Chief Larry Brassard. “We’re very thankful for the support being shown by Nolan’s Story and Home Hardware and our intent is to get these alarms out into our community so that families in Gravenhurst will benefit. We’ll be planning giveaways and working with some of our community partners to identify those in need.”

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that is created through the combustion process. Wood burning stoves and fireplaces, as well as natural gas or fueled appliances such as stoves, hot water heaters, furnaces and refrigerators, can produce CO if they are not properly maintained or vented correctly. Gasoline powered engines including cars, generators and lawn mowers produce carbon monoxide, as do some industrial appliances like lift trucks or floor polishers. A propane or charcoal barbeque in an enclosed space can also be a killer.