Kelly Ripa is going to need a bigger mug as of today…

And the new Co-host is.....????? Selena Gomez speaks up about the backlash of 13 Reasons Way.

Its been almost a year since Kelly Ripa had a serious and stable co-host. Kelly tweeted Sunday that on Monday’s show, she will announced her new co-host.  A slew of celebrities have joined Ripa on the daytime talk series, with some of the top contenders including Jerry O’Connell and Fred Savage. Last April, Strahan announced that he’d be leaving Live! for the Good Morning America after four years… Turns out its Ryan Seacrest!


Everyone’s talking about the New Selena Gomez produced Netflix series…13 Reasons Way.

Many people think the show was really well done, and others feeling it glamourizes suicide and mental illness.  The basic premise of the show is this: high school teenager Hannah Baker commits suicide and leaves a series of cassette tapes for her classmates to listen to so they can understand the reasons why she killed herself…

Selena spoke to the Associated Press this week and addressed criticism of the show saying, “We stayed very true to the book and initially what Jay Asher created, [which] was a beautifully tragic, complicated yet suspenseful story, and I think that’s what we wanted to do.”  The criticism has been so far reaching that even schools have gone ahead and banned the series. The Ontario Ministry of Education has now told educators not to show 13 Reasons Why in classrooms. According to Metro News… The board is concerned that the show may trigger Vulnerable teens to self-harm…. (Mixed tapes are way too hard to make and take a lot of patiences)


Roseanne Revival Is Reportedly In The Works

Word on the street is our favourite working-class family from the late 80s-90s are coming back.  The Connors are apparently set for a reunion and are shopping around for a network or streaming service to broadcast the series.  Roseanne, John Goodman and Sara Gilbert are apparently in – hopefully we’ll see Aunt Jackie and David too!


OITNB Season 5 Has Been Leaked, Hacker Claims

A hacker called The Dark Overlord has claimed they have released most episodes of Season 5 of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ ahead of it’s June 9 Netflix release.  Apparently they demanded an undisclosed ransom from Netflix to not release the episodes, and when Netflix was unresponsive, they released the episodes to an illegal file-sharing site.  This leak could affect Netflix’s subscriber growth and stock price, and could also affect our right to AVOID SPOILERS – all of which are equally important!