Ketchup Might Get Rid Of Rusty Stains On Furniture!

The latest hack is using ketchup to clean rust and other stains off steel furniture. 

There are many hacks using food to clean up messes, for example; Vodka and Coke are said to be good alternatives to cleaning products!

Shared by Facebook user Jo Nichol, images show a stool before and after being rubbed with ketchup.  You can find this hack and others like it on the Facebook Group Mrs Hinch Cleaning tips. 

Many people have weighed in on this hack, with one saying that the condiment is generally useful for cleaning stainless steel sink draining boards.

So why exactly does this work? According to the article, 

“Ketchup has acetic acid content of around 4%, from the vinegar used in the recipe. Thanks to its high viscosity (the gloopiness) it’s great for shining brass, copper and silverware.”

Fun Fact:

Ketchup is also said to be good for blondes whose hair turns a green ash colour after swimming in a chlorinated pool!