KFC Crocs!

So these are two brands perhaps you didn’t think would team up, but on the other hand- are you really surprised?

The two companies have teamed up to create an even uglier shoe that someone, somewhere will wear in public.

KFC launched a limited-edition “Bucket Clog” during New Year Fashion Week!

If you’re interested, there are two unisex versions.  One features a platform style wedge and the other clog has a low-to-the-ground sole. 

Both shoes have the iconic KFC red-striping just like on the bucket of chicken and are topped with a print of Colonel’s famous fried drum stick.

On top of the fried chicken is a scented 3D fried chicken charm. No longer do your feet have to only smell like feet – they can now smell like fried chicken and feet.

If you want to get your hands on a pair, they will be available this Spring for $59.99.  If you want them now you can sign up on crocs.com to receive a reminder of when the crocs are about to go on sale.