KFC Has Created The “Waffle Double Down”

And It's Only Available In Canada

Back in 2010 KFC introduced the “Double Down, a bunless all-chicken sandwich made with made with bacon, cheese and sauce, and it was an instant hit. Since the sandwich is the most asked-after item menu at KFC in Canada, the restaurant chain decided to up the ante for their relaunch of the Double Down next week. Behold: the “Waffle Double-Down”.

With a play on the most classic of american soul food dishes (chicken & waffles) KFC has…ahem…doubled down with their newest version of the sandwich. In a release, KFC Canada said fans have been asking for chicken & waffles on the menu for a while and they are “happy to provide this unique take on the trendy food pairing. The maple aioli sauce is a sweet nod to KFC’s Canadian fans.”

The Waffle Double Down launches across Canada March 26 for a limited time.

(Image courtesy of CNW Group/KFC Canada)