Kim Cattrall’s Nintendo Ad From 2012 Goes Viral Now….Eight Years Later

"I'll always have time for Mario!"

Remember that commercial for Super Mario 3D? The one where Kim Cattrall portrayed her Sex in The City character Samatha Jones to sell a video game…

The ad featured Cattrall seductively playing the handheld game in bed gushing over the Super Mario 3D Land gave, while she wore only a satin robe.


The commercial starts up with Kim saying. “I’ve discovered a new way of enjoying my spare time… Run Mario Run! I go on magical adventures with a certain Mario.”

She then adds, “There are many men in my life, but for a few minutes, or a few hours, I’ll always find time for Mario.”

The old ad was shared to Twitter Wednesday by a Netflix employee and has since been retweeted more than 3000 times and is over 20 thousand likes…

Kim say the viral thread and responded, “I’ll always have time for Mario.”