“Know Your Lemons” Campaign Helps Women Spot Signs Of Breast Cancer


We’ve all seen the little red hearts on Facebook, and probably gotten a message asking you to post one on your page for “breast cancer awareness”. It’s cute and harmless, but in reality does absolutely nothing to spread awareness or information about breast cancer.

So what can you do? Well, an image from World Wide Breast Cancer that clearly shows what breast cancer can look and feel like in hopes of spreading information about early detection is going viral in hopes of spreading real, useful information.

The image of a dozen lemons shows 12 different ways that breast cancer can affect women, from tiny bumps to dimples to the growth of a vein.

Unlike exam tutorials, which just teach you to look for lumps, this teaches you what lumps might actually feel like.

For example, they show you the difference between feeling a “thick mass,” an “indentation,” and a “hidden lump”

The words don’t mean that much to most of us, but in the picture you can see the difference on each lemon, and easily imagine how it would feel on your own breast.

So know your lemons and share this photo! It just might save someone’s life